Time Machine

The Time Machine is a brand managed by Alexia Carnell, one of the first SecondLife builders specializing in classical and neoclassical architecture. She has been active in SL since 2007. 

The mission of the brand is to bring back to life the atmospheres of the past, through an accurate research of textures, buildings, building components, furnitures and other items. The Time Machine Main Store SLURL can be accessed here.

Alexia Carnell explains her building approach as Antiochia Chief Architect, and more generally in her work in SecondLife:

“I started building in SL in 2007; my main aim has been to re-create atmospheres lost in the long-gone past. Walking in a reconstructed arena or in a Roman villa or in a Greek temple has always been a strong emotion for me and I wanted to share it with people who are fond of history in general, and the history of architecture in particular, And yes, my main focus has always been on concepts and ideas, not technology by itself. Many people in SL believe technology is almost a religion, and mesh its last god. Mesh is just a tool, not a goal. In my creations I use mesh components, sculpties, good old prims and many textures I personally prepare on photoshop.  I love to use all technologies for the best they have to offer and build in world rather than on a 3d program, because when you start building you HAVE to relate and adapt.

Building Antiochia has been a very positive experience for me. I had a perfect "entente" with the sim owners: we shared concepts and ideas, and they would let me free to interpret them and bring them to life. Eclecticism in style, some historical quotations, a huge number of points of interest and a gifted landscaper - Butterfli Summers - made this sim so beautiful.”