The Antiochia Project was initiated by Antiochia Scholarships Trust members AlexOlteanu Unplugged and Bromo Ivory. Starlab Kemen and Phanessa Svenska from Kemen College soon joined and became founding partners. Time Machine’s Alexia Carnell then joined as the project’s main architect. Thus was born the Community of Citizens of Antiochia - Agora Polis Antiochia (APA).

APA is currently involved in discussions with other educational and entertainment partners to develop common synergies allowing each partner to better pursue their own projects, whilst at the same time jointly participating in developing the Community of Citizens of Antiochia. For example, we have just agreed to partner with VIRTLANTIS, an SL English language community sponsored by the Oxford School for English to provide our students with the assistance they need to improve their English language skills before they arrive in Canada to pursue their university education.

This partnership fits in perfectly with our vision for Antiochia to become the core hub of a multitude of overlapping networks of knowledge, education, creativity, and citizenship in both real and SecondLife.

For more details on each Antiochia partner, please consult the links below.