Join SecondLife

Joining SecondLife (SL) and learning its ropes can be a daunting experience if undertaken alone. Therefore, Antiochia has a dedicated Induction Team to help all those who wish to join us have as smooth, fun, and informative experience as possible.

You will be able to reach your new virtual home in only Four Easy Steps:

ONE - Contact Georges: E-mail our AST Scholar Representative and Antiochia Induction Team member Georges Kabalan (GeorgesKabalan in SL) at: Let him know you are about to join SL; he will reply to you immediately and assist you as you enter SL’s virtual environment. Georges speaks English, French, Arabic, and basic Kurdish. He will be your primary contact point from now onwards, and will guide your activities both in SL and as you apply for your studies in Canada.

TWO - Create an SL Account: Access the SecondLife website and create and account and an avatar (your virtual 3D image in this virtual environment) by clicking here. Choose the one that seems most appropriate to you, but keep in mind you will be able to change it later, once you are in-world. Make sure you write down your avatar’s chosen name and password; you will use these from now on to log into SecondLife.

THREE - Download a Viewer: Download and install one of the viewers below. You will access SecondLife by logging into one of them with your avatar’s username and password. It is recommended you use the SecondLife viewer, as it is the easiest to use for a newcomer. You will be able to download another one later and change it, if you wish. If you have any problems doing so, please make sure you contact Georges Kabalan, and he will help you through this process.

For the Second Life® Viewer please click here

For the Firestorm® Viewer please click here;

For the Avination® Viewer please click here.

 Please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for SecondLife, and have some time of headset or listening plugs, as SecondLife uses not only written chat, but also spoken voice in its environment.

FOUR - Log In: Enter your avatar's name and password into the viewer you downloaded, and agree to the Terms of Use. This is it! You are now in SL! Once there, Georges Kabalan will help you to quickly transit through SL’s Learning Island (see below), then bring you to your new virtual home, Antiochia. The entire Antiochia Team looks forward to meeting you soon!

How to Quickly Get Through SL's Learning Island

When you log into SecondLife for the first time, your new avatar will appear in one of SL's Learning Islands. Each is slightly different, but the principles are the same. To quickly pass through it and enter the "Grid" - that is, the main section of the SL environment, where GeorgesKabalan will contact you and bring you to Antiochia, follow the four simple steps below:

You will first appear in a SecondLife Learning Island designed to teach you basic moves: how to walk, sit, fly and so on. Do not worry about it. We will teach you everything you need to know once you get to Antiochia. For now, just use the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys on your keyboard to walk. Follow the arrows on the ground in front of you.

You will go through a number of stages (here, in Learning Island 2, there are six) until you get to a final area, from where you will "teleport" out the learning area and in the main part of the "grid". Go through them without stopping, just follow the arrows and make sure you don't get lost. Get to the final area as soon as possible.

Once in the final area, you will either see a poster like in Learning Island 2, where you will have to put your cursor on the orange mark on and click on it to teleport to the main grid; or you will find a "gate" with a passageway inside. Walk through the gate. Once you go through, you will arrive at one of the grid's landing areas.

You are now at one of the grid's landing areas. You will see a other new avatars around you, and maybe older ones offering to help you. Ignore them. GeorgesKabalan will be online and in-world with you. Once you arrive at a landing area, he will send you a written message that will pop up in your CHAT window. He will send you a friendship offer which will pop up on your viewer. Accept it. Then he will offer you an invitation to teleport to Antiochia. Accept it as well. You will then teleport to your new home and Georges will be waiting for you, to start the Induction Process.