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The Community of Citizens of Antiochia - in Greek: Agora Polis Antiochia (APA) is a virtual community using the SecondLife 3D interactive platform to promote its educational and cultural activities. We are a group of organisations and individuals from across the globe dedicated to the principles of Education - Creativity - Diversity - Citizenship, who has developed a section of the SecondLife environment called a "sim" as a re-creation of the ancient city of Antiochia on the Orontes, one of the main cities of antiquity in the Hellenic, Roman, and Byzantine Eras, to serve as the virtual environment of their common activities.

When Paul came to Antioch, it was the third largest city in the world,” writes H.V. Morton in his delightful 1936 book In the Steps of St. Paul. In the mid first century C.E., the Syrian metropolis of Antioch (now Antakya, in Turkey), then a capital of the eastern Roman empire, “was wealthy and blatant, and there was a worship of the material achievements of life and the sensory attributes of riches, such as central heating, swimming pools, plumbing, and flood-lighting….” According to the Harvard Magazine, "[i]n Paul’s day, this truly multicultural city, devoted to Hellenistic scholarship and Roman luxury, could boast a rich 300-year history, dating to its founding by Seleukos, one of Alexander the Great’s generals, through its conquest by Rome in 64 b.c.e. " For more on the virtual history of our city of Antiochia, please click here.

The primary sponsor of the sim is the Antiochia Scholarships Trust, whose aim is to help young people from minority groups or otherwise in need of assistance to realise their dream of pursuing their post-secondary education at Canadian universities. You can read more about our projects and partners by clicking here. This website is dedicated primarily to the APA Virtual Community in SecondLife, and to those interested in is activities. We hope you enjoy using it!

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In addition to communicating in-world, our members have at their disposal a bulletin board forum where they can post announcements, engage in discussions, and govern their community outside the SecondLife virtual environment. To find out more about our forum, please click here.

Join Us in SecondLife!

To join us in SecondLife, please click here to find out how to create a SL Avatar and enter this virtual environment. A dedicated team of Antiochia volunteers will assist you with this task. Should you wish to talk to someone who can take you through the steps of creating an account, please contact Georges Kabalan at georges.kabalan@gmail.com.

If you already have an SL account and an avatar, simply click on this Antiochia Landing Point SLURL when already logged into SL, and teleport to this location. Once you arrive there, please walk through the doors of the Porta Aurea (Golden Gate) ahead of you, and walk down the Main Street (the Cardo), to the APA Info Center, located on your left as you enter the main sim plaza - Nymphaeum Plaza. Once there, you can find out more about our people, projects, and places to explore in Antiochia, and how you can participate in our activities.

As you visit our home, you will find 45 round signs bearing the AST logo and the letter "i". Click on them to receive a notecard with helpful and informative details about the specific location you are standing in or next to. Each notecard begins with a hellenic or byzantine epigram aiming to add a historical and literary dimension to your virtual experience in Antiochia.

Contact Us in Real and Second Lives

Please  find below a list of key individuals you can contact regarding Antiochia. If in-world, just IM the person you choose to talk to. If in the real world, please click here to send us an e-mail with your questions, comments or suggestions. We will answer you within 24 hours of receiving your message. 

Kindly contact any of the following for more information on the Antiochia sim:

  • Questor Hax: Estate Manager
  • Bromo Ivory: Treasurer
  • AlexOlteanu Unplugged: Project Curator
  • Alexia Carnell: Chief Architect
  • Butterfli Summers: Landscaper
  • Phanessa Svenska: Kemen College Director
  • GeorgesKabalan: AST Scholars' Representative